Is Christian Science related to Scientology? 

– Not in any way.

Is Christian Science a cult?

– No. It’s a Bible-based religion that follows the teachings of Christ Jesus.

Do you go to doctors?

– It’s up to each individual, but it is normal to rely on treatment by prayer in this Christian system of healing.

Can you mix it with drugs?

– It’s based on the total power of Spirit, God. A system based on Spirit as the only power can’t usually be mixed with other systems, such as drugs, that are based on matter as a power.

How effective is this system?

– It has been remarkably effective for generations. See testimonies of healing in any current Christian Science periodical.

What would you do if you broke your leg?

– Some may have a doctor set the bone, but many others have seen bones set and mended by prayer alone.

Is this faith healing?

– Not in the popular view of faith healing, nor is it positive thinking, nor self-hypnosis. Of course, Bible-based healing naturally calls for a measure of faith. And yet a science also requires understanding and proof.

Where can I learn more of what you teach about heaven and hell, atonement, baptism, communion, Christ Jesus, and other theological questions?

– Science and Health fully addresses them. You can also explore, and visit a Christian Science Reading Room, or attend a church service.


Healthcare is vital to everyone. Typical Christian Scientists are likely to use their unique approach to prayer as their means of treatment. We use this scientific system in our modern age because it works. For generations it has proved to be effective — many times after a medical diagnosis has indicated a condition is incurable. This approach to healing is fully explained in Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. An extensive support system includes Christian Science practitioners. They are fulltime professionals who treat patients through prayer. In fact, this scientific prayer is our form of treatment. Practitioners also give spiritual guidance and are glad to answer questions about this method of healing. Another key service comes from Christian Science nurses who provide spiritual reassurance and skillful physical care. This includes help with bathing, dressing wounds, assistance with mobility, food preparation, etc.

Visit for a worldwide listing of practitioners and nurses — or stop by any Christian Science Reading Room and find a directory of them in The Christian Science Journal.


Christian Scientists share society’s strong interest in the well-being of children. For well over a century, our system has proved itself to be a compelling, safe, and competent way of caring for infants as well as for adults. In fact, Christian Scientists consider the healing of children to be one of their major contributions to society. We work cooperatively with society and public health officials when there are medical concerns for children.

The Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor is an international daily newspaper founded in 1908, its object and journalistic ethic established by Mary Baker Eddy “to injure no man, but to bless all mankind.” Winner of seven Pulitzer Prizes, the Monitor offers dependable journalism and balanced, in-depth news coverage.

In an age of corporate conglomerates dominating news media, the Monitor provides a uniquely independent voice in journalism, and, though published by The Christian Science Publishing Society, the Monitor is not a religious periodical. The newspaper reports national and international news, with related features and commentary.

Mary Baker Eddy, the newspaper’s founder, was committed to keeping up with changing times, and, to that effect, the Monitor is now available to the world on its multimedia website. The newspaper also offers additional e-mail, mobile, and e-book editions. For more information and the latest news coverage, visit The Christian Science Monitor.

The Christian Science Publishing Society

Mary Baker Eddy established The Christian Science Publishing Society in 1898, and it remains very active today. In addition to the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Christian Science Monitor, the Publishing Society’s offerings include:

The Christian Science Journal

This monthly publication offers instructional articles, reports of Christian healing, and a worldwide directory of Christian Science practitioners, teachers, churches, Reading Rooms, and more. It was designed as a family paper for the home and “to put on record the divine Science of Truth.” (continuously published since 1883).

Christian Science Quarterly

This quarterly publication of weekly Bible Lessons is arranged for individual study and use in Sunday church services worldwide. It is translated into 9 languages, as well as English Braille, in online editorials for young people and adults, on audiocassette, compact disc, and video (continuously published since 1890).

Christian Science Sentinel

Watching the world from a spiritual perspective, this weekly magazine features articles, editorials, and firsthand accounts of healing. The Sentinel—Radio Edition includes discussions and candid interviews on topics uppermost in public thought. The Radio Edition is broadcast throughout the world and is available on audiocassette and online (continuously published since 1898).

The Herald of Christian Science

Established “to proclaim the universal activity and availability of Truth,” the Herald is published monthly and/or quarterly in 13 languages. The Herald presents articles and testimonies of healing, and a directory of Christian Science churches, practitioners, and other listings for each country. The Herald is also produced as a radio program in five languages, with interviews and reports of healings (continuously published since 1903).

For more information about The Christian Science Publishing Society and its publications, please visit The First Church of Christ, Scientist.